Direct Trade Coffee – Partnership

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Direct Trade Coffee – Partnership

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We’re Proud to Source Direct Trade Coffee

The coffee industry continues to boom and surprises us with innovative recipes, blends, and styles. However, it is important that through this growth, the coffee farmers benefit just as much as the brands and distributors.

In order to do our part to support the hardworking farmers, we at VIVIC choose to work directly with our coffee farmers in El Salvador, allowing us to have a more open and mutually beneficial form of trade while bringing you the best possible product we can.

What does Direct Trade mean? 

Direct trade is less of an organization, like fair trade, and more of a method and ideology. The ideology of knowing exactly where the raw ingredients come from, who the producer is, and where roasters buy directly from farmers. This means direct trade eliminates the traditional middleman. It includes exchanging higher premiums for higher quality coffee. The goal is that both the farmers and consumers are happy. We see the opportunity of direct trade as a more harmonious and beneficial way of procuring our coffee. The money, which would be paid to the middleman, can go directly to the producer and ensure the farmers we are working with earn a more fair, living wage. 

Our Direct Trade Philosophy 

Everything begins on the farm. Extraordinary coffee–coffee with fully mature aromas–can only be produced from passionate people who truly believe in the vibrancy, sweetness, and freshness of coffee beans. We believe that coffee beans grown by family farms taste better–and you can enjoy it with a happier conscience! Buying coffee from small farms means supporting family businesses instead of large companies. In addition, small farms are more likely to pay more attention to the coffee plants. We strongly support this open and mutually beneficial form of trade. We believe that negotiations, interpersonal relationships, discussions, and information sharing is the basis for trade. Transparency is key. 

Our Direct Trade Partner

Our direct trade partner is Guillermo Moran, a 6th generation coffee farmer from Ahuachapan, El Salvador, Central America. As coffee growers supplying green beans, Guillermo’s family was subject to typical swings in the prices of raw material in the commodities market. To help stabilize exposure to market swings, Guillermo’s grandfather decided to add value to their product by starting a small coffee roasting facility to supply the local market.

The coffee beans in every can of VIVIC come from Guillermo’s family directly. The Moran family has the experience, knowledge, expertise, and passion that allows them to offer coffee beans of the highest quality. They also share the same environmental belief and choose to work with companies that value sustainable practices. Guillermo imports the product from his family and roasts the beans at his co-founded roasting company, Eco-Delight Coffee, in San Jose, CA. 

We chose the El Salvador native coffee beans due to its versatile flavor profile. It pairs easily with fruity, floral, earthy, as well as chocolatey notes. While consistently paying well above the fair trade rate for coffee beans, we have built a strong, ongoing relationship with Guillermo and his family that extends well beyond coffee. 

Sparkling Coffee can pouring into glassRedefining the Way We Drink Coffee

Our mission is to redefine the way you drink coffee. We brew VIVIC with filtered water, add a hint of licorice, and just eight grams of organic cane sugar as the base ingredients. Next, we infuse quality roots and botanicals to create innovative flavor combinations, carbonate and can our coffee. Enjoy our direct trade sparkling coffee in a way that expands your palate and your horizons. Start a new daily ritual with VIVIC.